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This boost will trigger after cooldown, the pause time between two automatic activation. If the player use this boost, the ×8 multiplier cap will be removed. There are some nifty psychedelic loading screens that are fun for a spell, but essentially it’s like a graphic mixture of Gummy Bears and checkers. The newly implemented interface and easy to use tutorial are nice additions, and the simple layout is quick to get accustomed to. Sonically, the music mixes easy-to-listen-to keyboard tunes that share similarities to Enya and Kenny G, but is more likeable than either.

  • Each world, except for the seventeenth one, features five puzzles that focus on specific gameplay concepts, such as using certain Special Gems or swapping gems into unoccupied spaces of the board.
  • The main gameplay of Bejeweled 3, like previous installments in the series, involves swapping two adjacent gems to form a line of three or more gems of the same color.
  • Imagine you have found two orange blocks beside each other , and at the right hand of these two, there is a violet block and in the right hand side if the white block there is one more orange block.
  • ‘Endless Mode’ is a beast unto itself, which is a 200+ hour grind.

Collect as much gold, treasure, and jewels as possible, and dig as deep as possible before the timer runs out. As you must advance it all the way to the right to level up, make matches quickly. The music for the original Bejeweled casino LeoVegas casino Blitz was composed by Peter Hajba . The main theme debuted on the PC Download version of the game, and both the title screen music and main game music were repurposed for the main theme of Bejeweled 3 and the Lightning Mode theme. The music was also used on the mobile versions of the game until the Bigger, Better Boosts update.

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We reveal the past year’s best and worst video game publishers in the 14th edition of our annual Game Publisher Rankings. But what ultimately takes some of the gloss off Bejeweled 2 isn’t so much the overly harsh conditions required to earn achievements or unlock the extras, but the limitations of the control pad itself. Unlike the original PC version, or Zoo Keeper on the DS, you can’t be as instant and intuitive when you’re moving a cursor around the screen. But when you get about 20 levels in, you’re BOMBARDED with ads in between each game…

Jewels Classic

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Make sure that at every level you can score the maximum points. After few days you can also become a pro at Bejeweled 2. You just need to move the jewels either up or down and right or left. Whenever the gem falls into the right place automatically, it causes a chain reaction; these kinds of events can give you extra points. Every level is difficult from the preceding one; as you advance in Bejeweled 2, the arrangements become more difficult. This platform is best to have fun and some learning at the same time.

You can play this game with your friends and share your scores and achievements online, top the ranks by playing more and more of this brilliant game. Great visuals, sounds and a blending gaming environment is what keeps you glued to the device you are playing this game on. You must try it out if you want to experience a bit of change, you’ll enjoy it for sure. Juice Cubes is available to play on both Android and iOS platforms. Take the classic game of gem swapping to euphoric new heights.

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If you have a Hypercube, you can always make a move even if regular matches are not possible anymore. The remaining achievements will more than likely come through natural progression through the various game modes. I will give more information about these in the most relevant modes on the Story Walkthrough page. Most of these achievements are difficult and/or require a significant amount of luck. ‘Endless Mode’ is a beast unto itself, which is a 200+ hour grind. I will discuss each of the game modes in the order that they unlock, as well as the ‘best’ method of beating each of them on the Story Walkthrough page.

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In Time Trial mode, when there are no more moves, instead of ending the game, the board will be refreshed with a new set of gems, then the game continues. Find release dates and scores for every major upcoming and recent video game release for all platforms, updated weekly. The play menu in Bejeweled Twist , with all game modes available. I’m actually addicted to everything “Zuma” – It’s an easy enough Zen game that gets your mind off things while still presenting a bit of a challenge.

Bejeweled is probably the most addictive game of all time. It takes between 300 and 500 hours to complete the achievements in Bejeweled 2. You can find a full guide to unlocking all of the achievements in the Bejeweled 2 walkthrough.

Polishing Bejeweled

In the game’s constellations, Orange Gems are also known as Amber Gems. By completing Puzzle Mode, the game mode Cognito is unlocked. Cognito is like Puzzle Mode, but with points and a separate high scores list, and you are unable to use hints without getting penalized 0 points for one level. If Cognito is completed without using any clues for any puzzle, it will play the last puzzle endlessly.

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